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I offer mentoring for writers who would like to:

  • Develop a regular journaling or writing practice
  • Learn Mindful Writing to expand your mindfulness practice
  • Develop skills in writing a personal essay or persuasive/argument essay
  • Participate in a supportive experience of Mindful Writing for healing



Mindful Writing is a contemplative and healing practice that explores the heart and mind through deep writing. It teaches the practice of inner listening with nonjudgmental awareness, curiosity and compassion. The practice is useful for finding your authentic voice, learning to trust your inner wisdom, increasing self-compassion and transforming difficult experiences. This practice is for writers and non-writers alike, those who are interested in personal and spiritual growth and writers who are interested in creative freedom. Mindful Writing calms and centers the body and mind and keeps the attention focused on the present moment while writing. This facilitates deep writing, transformation and creative freedom. Mindful Writing has the capacity to transform difficult experiences and allows the writer to make order from chaos and make meaning from difficult experiences. It bypasses the difficult mind states, distractions, and inner critic and allows for easy access to the authentic writing voice that exists within all of us.

contact Jen for additional information or to sign up for writing mentoring sessions.

Discover your authentic voice through Mindful Writing


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I have taught writing at Mars Hill College, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Antioch University Mcgregor, and University of North Carolina-Asheville.

Courses and Workshops Taught include:
Expository Writing
Argument Essay
Narrative Witnessing: Stories of Survival
Journal Writing for Healing
Mindful Writing for Healing
Mindful Writing: The Path to Creative Freedom
Mindful Writing for Transformation
Invisible Wounds of War Veterans Healing Writing Workshop


Jen’s approach is helping me to trust my inner voice. I can’t wait to keep going! —Geraldine

I’m so grateful for the through, thoughtful, compassionate, and helpful way that you’ve welcomed my work. Thank you for all of that and more.  — Kaaren

I have new tools to use on my grief journey. Writing has helped me to put some difficult thoughts on paper, helping me to remember things that I had pushed deep down—sad memories, but some happy ones also.” — Shayne

One of the most important insights gained from this workshop was discovering that it is possible for me to find a calm center so I can deal with and write about difficult emotions.”  –Paul


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